Novelette Series | 2020, Self-Published (Ongoing)

Current Releases: Book I | Next Release: April 2020


When the magical island kingdom of Magdellyn defaulted on its deal with entities called the Others, even its memory was erased from the Earth. Now trapped in its own reality, its people slowly fall to the same curse, becoming something between human and Other—becoming Apocrypha.

Izette, a self-declared simple girl, tries to hide her Apocryphal status and live as normally as her world allows, even as the beginnings of war brew between humans and her kind. When a haunted childhood friend wanders back into her life, however, she finds herself drawn into battle—not only against the people who fear the Apocrypha, but against a force far more ancient and deadly.


Apocryphal is a series of YA dark fantasy/LGBTQIA+ novelettes about claiming your place in a world that sometimes fears you.