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 “I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.”
― James Michener

Rowan is an agender, asexual, and aromantic speculative fiction author and freelance editor. As a child, they dreamily dictated stories to adults and sat at their family's old typewriter, pounding at the keys to enjoy the sensation of them beneath their fingers. They've never lost that sense of wonder. Rowan aims to craft stories that evoke ideas, create experiences, and leave behind lingering emotions.

Aside from writing, they find joy in game design, heavy music, fiction podcasts, technology, and animals. They currently room with three cats and a collie dog, who keep them company during their daily battles with the blank page. As a night person, the majority of their novels emerge under moonlight. They write from a big, lakeside house on a rural island while dreaming of the city.



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Hire Rowan as Your Editor


Rowan also works as a freelance editor specializing in speculative and LGBTQIA+ fiction. They can help with developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, and critiquing. They can also sensitivity read for certain marginalizations.


Find out more at the Speculative Soul Story Editing Services website.


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Rowan is a founder and submissions editor at All Worlds Wayfarer, a speculative fiction literary magazine specializing in character-and-theme-driven speculative fiction. It celebrates stories that take readers on tours through wonderful and terrifying realms, evocative visions, and eye-opening new lives. When its readers come home, they should return ever so slightly changed for having made the journey. After all, the most powerful stories transcend, enlighten, and entertain at once.


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