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ISBN: 979-8612206194 | ASIN: B084J6WFFS | 06/22/20 | Fantasy

What defines a beautiful world? In Auratessa, a kingdom torn apart by two warring species, a scientist named Amaranth believes he knows the answer. He studies with the goal of shaping Auratessa into a paragon of peace, but his research is going nowhere. When a religious cult that knows his real name tells him there’s another way to change his world, he’s unable to turn down their deadly offers.

Soon, he finds his fingers coiled not around textbooks and test tubes, but the trigger of a gun. If he can assassinate each species’ rulers, the cult says, he can claim the magic Auratessa’s original Author left behind. He can become a god in his own right. He can end the war, raise the dead, and rewrite his homeland’s tortured reality.

Alongside Shakaya, a scorned soldier and his childhood friend, Amaranth leaves the life he’s known and descends into darkness in search of light. But is it truly his right to judge all of Auratessa? After all, rebirth requires death.


ISBN: 978-1074924805 | ASIN: B07T97SRL4 | 06/30/19 | YA/Horror

The world ended before Sun was born, but her world ended just under a year ago, when her sister, Moon, disappeared. According to Mama, the Woods shield Haven farm from the decay left behind by the End, but now she hates them for swallowing up her sister. Her curious, starry-eyed sister who dreamed too much for her own good, while Sun responsibly wrote her Archive, chronicling their lives as the last human beings on Earth.

Sun dismissed her sister's bizarre behavior leading up to her disappearance as madness, but when she finds Moon's diary and strange visitors come in the night, she begins to understand far more than she wishes she could. Where her sister found dreams, she sees nightmares. Questions that Mama can't, or won't, answer escape her errant tongue.

The truth she seeks waits for her within the Woods.


ISBN: 978-1721566495 | ASIN: B07DVX193Z | 06/19/18 | YA/Sci-Fi/Horror

Humankind will soon be extinct. A mysterious pandemic cut through two-thirds of the population in just four short years, and within another four, it will decimate everything—and everyone—left.


As the last days tick by, relentless and ruthless, the reclusive Mason Mild finds himself torn between a peaceful end and a brutal immortality. Between his hopeless, but comfortable days with his family, and something new…something violent and wild.


Have the fang marks above his heel dealt him an early demise or a second birth?


Multi-Book (Novellette) Series | 2020 (Ongoing) | Fantasy/Paranormal/LGBTQIA+


When the magical island kingdom of Magdellyn defaulted on its deal with entities called the Others, even its memory was erased from the Earth. Now trapped in its own reality, its people slowly fall to the same curse, becoming something between human and Other—becoming Apocrypha.

Izette, a self-declared simple girl, tries to hide her Apocryphal status and live as normally as her world allows, even as the beginnings of war brew between humans and her kind. When a haunted childhood friend wanders back into her life, however, she finds herself drawn into battle—not only against the people who fear the Apocrypha, but against a force far more ancient and deadly.


Serialized on Patreon | Book Upcoming | YA/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/LGBTQIA+

Princess Ellis Raihall was supposed to be queen. So when her dying mother selects Ellis' long-time rival, Leanne Lacer, as the heir to the deteriorating underwater kingdom of Atlantis, the hot-headed Ellis has never been so furious. Her mother's wrong! She's strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough to be queen! More than that, it's...all she's ever had to look forward to.


But when Ellis prays to her god for the throne she feels should be hers, the last thing she expects is an answer. Atlantis will undergo seven days of trials. If she can protect the kingdom, then the crown is hers.

As disasters weigh down on Atlantis like the ocean beyond its dome, Ellis begins to wonder if her mother was right. Does a power-hungry princess have what it takes to save her people? An even more frightful question emerges: what is Atlantis?


ISBN: 978-1691626984 | ASIN: B07XKHQZS6 | 09/07/19 | Horror

Scare Street’s horror authors present thirteen tales of supernatural horror in one macabre collection. From a lonely forest trail, to a spider-infested hellhole, each diabolical story brings you face to face with your deepest fears.

But whatever you do, don’t make a sound. Because with every turn of the page, the shadows come closer. And if you gasp in fear, or squeal in horror…

It just may be the last sound you ever make.

Two of Rowan's stories are featured in this collection:

  • A Good Person: After a car accident, a woman with blood on her hands spirals into the darkest depths of madness and guilt.

  • Flies: A criminal develops a strange obsession with spiders...


Multi-Book Series | 2019 - 2020 (Ongoing) | Horror

Big scares come in small packages...


Scare Street is proud to present the best in bone-chilling supernatural horror. Each volume of Supernatural Suspense contains three macabre morsels for your reading pleasure. These fast-paced tales of terror are guaranteed to keep you turning the pages past your bedtime. Because with nightmares like these, sleep will be the last thing on your mind…

Rowan's stories are regularly featured in the series:

  • Let's Play (Vol. 1): When a troubled streamer delves into the latest indie horror game, her fear is much more real than she expected...

  • The Rain Runner (Vol. 2): A man who is haunted by voices whenever he nears water is caught in the rain.

  • A Powerful Thing (Vol. 3): When a mother discovers that there is a monster under the bed, she goes to great lengths to protect her son.

  • Carnival of You (Vol. 4): An alcoholic searching for his daughter finds himself lost in a strange carnival where everything seems too familiar.

  • The Gift (Vol. 5): A nurse struggling with OCD receives an unwelcome gift from a patient.

  • Sleepless Sister (Vol. 8): As a grieving sister's once dreams grow darker, they haunt her waking life.

  • Born Tonight (Vol. 9): When he suspects the worst, a man from a beast-ravaged village must choose between his loyalty and what he knows is right.

  • An Artist's Purpose (Vol. 10): A desperate painter finds inspiration in his nightmares.


Multi-Book Series | 2018 - 2019 | Mixed Genre Anthology


Each year, the fast-paced Writer's Games competition takes place, challenging writers to complete themed short stories in 72-hour bursts for several weeks and submit them to judges. The top five winning stories in every theme are published in the annual Writer's Games anthology.


Three of Rowan Rook's short stories are featured in the collections:

  • New (Vol. 4): A post-apocalyptic fairy tale about an android named Buddy and the mermaid-like creature who comes to their door. Written without dialogue.

  • In the Blink (Vol. 4): Bad Luck Lila is cursed: Not only does she foresee every tragedy that will befall anyone around her whenever she blinks her eyes, she also suffers from crippling anxiety and is the only lesbian in her small-town slice of rural America. Her luck finally seems to take a turn for the better when Harley moves in...until she blinks her eyes and foresees her new friend's death.

  • A Contributing Member of Society (Vol. 5): In a dystopian future, inmates compete on a game show to prove their "worth to society" and win the ultimate prize—their lives.


ISBN: Upcoming | ASIN: Upcoming | Coming Soon | Mixed Genre Anthology

The 42 anthology will contain 42 chapters, based on distinct genres and tropes. Every chapter encompasses 42 micro-fiction stories of exactly 42 words each. Every story has a 42 character title.

Chapter topics range from crime fiction to clowns, satire to science fiction, humor to horror, and so many more.

One of Rowan Rook's micro fiction stories will feature in the apocalyptic category:

  • I Will Watch the End of the World With You: Two people sit side by side beneath their last sunset.


The Puppet Beast - Rowan Rook

Available in Short Fiction Break's online literary magazine | 09/04/2018 | Fantasy

A dark fairy tale about a monster, their corrupt creator, and the girl who swears revenge against them both.


This short story placed in the top 3 in Short Fiction Break's 2018 Fall Writing Contest.

Halloween House - Rowan Rook

Available in Short Fiction Break's online literary magazine | 09/05/2017 | Romance

A woman named Emma finds her annual Halloween rendezvous with her former lover, Clyde, interrupted. She has an important choice to make before dawn.


This short story was shortlisted in Short Fiction Break's 2017 Fall Writing Contest.


Available in Short Fiction Break's online literary magazine | 06/14/2019 | Paranormal

Henrique falls prey to the sirens' song of his library's strange books, but can he stop his lover from suffering the same fate in her desperation to save him?

Night Sentinel - Rowan Rook

Available in 101Word's online literary magazine | 08/23/2018 | Horror

A boy makes an important decision while his family sleeps. He wants to sleep, too. How can he when he's seen what comes out in the dark?


Available on the WriterWriter Blog | 10/31/2018 | Horror

An unexpected—but all too familiar—friend visits Megan in the middle of the night. Does she dare to open her eyes?

This short story placed 1st in WriterWriter's All Hallows' Prose Halloween Contest.

498965e26a7397f9f947a19721519756 (1).jpg

Available as a free Prolific Works exclusive | 10/23/2018 | Fantasy/YA/LGBTQIA+

Harper hoped the invitation to the Solar School of Sorcery would be their salvation. They're determined to graduate as a hero—a Sunweaver, a protector of the mundane world above when the shadowy Phantoms rise from the center of the Earth each night. Being non-binary in a school where magic is segregated by sex, however, means that not everyone wants them to succeed. The sweat, the tears, the anxious nights full of dread and's all come down to the final exam. If Harper can slay a Prime Phantom before dawn, they'll prove everyone wrong. If they fail, they'll lose even their memories.


Available as a free Prolific Works exclusive | 08/15/2018 | Horror/LGBTQIA+

Two weeks ago, the sun went down and never came up. Bay stares through her apartment window—longing to see the first suggestion of sunrise, longing for answers, longing to see her girlfriend Cass come home—but all she sees is a single candle flickering across the street. One half of her yearns to run to this sign of life; the other clings to the safety of home. After all, anything could happen if she opens up the door to the darkness outside.


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