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The last human died over 100 years ago. Viral vampires inherited the Earth but their lingering violent instincts left them unable to rebuild society. They are predators without prey, their repressed rage spilling into carnage between clans. Soon, they may architect their own extinction.

For Mason Mild, the 120-year-old Master's Mate of a dwindling clan, his first life as an apathetic computer nerd may as well have been a dream. At least, until he attends the so-called "Blood Ball," a thousands-strong congregation of vampires meant to unite competing clans.

Secrets long thought lost in time come to light. Too-familiar faces step out of Mason's nightmares. Old wounds left by Master Sorrel reopen and fester.

Mason stands on the precipice of another new world. He once decided his own fate; now he'll chart the course for what remains of humanity.





“the fragility of the human spirit is like glass – it can break at even the slightest disturbance. sometimes the pieces are big enough to easily put back together, and sometimes the fragments are so small that it is almost impossible to tell what they once were. but regardless of whatever beauty and perfection the original work held, and whether by accident or with will, each shattered piece carries an edge sharp enough to draw blood.”

The last thing 10-year-old Ervay remembers is sitting in his family's car, but he wakes to find himself alone in an odd castle – a castle that holds entire villages all within its walls, and that grows increasingly twisted the further he descends. The only thing it lacks is an exit.

Confused, frightened, and separated from his family, he has no other choice but to explore the corridors in search of his loved ones. What is this place? Why does it seem as if someone doesn’t want him to leave? And will Ervay be strong enough to face those truths once he can no longer deny the answers in front of his face?