06/22/2020, Self-Published

What defines a beautiful world? In Auratessa, a kingdom torn apart by two warring species, a scientist named Amaranth believes he knows the answer. He studies with the goal of shaping Auratessa into a paragon of peace, but his research is going nowhere. When a religious cult that knows his real name tells him there’s another way to change his world, he’s unable to turn down their deadly offers.

Soon, he finds his fingers coiled not around textbooks and test tubes, but the trigger of a gun. If he can assassinate each species’ rulers, the cult says, he can claim the magic Auratessa’s original Author left behind. He can become a god in his own right. He can end the war, raise the dead, and rewrite his homeland’s tortured reality.

Alongside Shakaya, a scorned soldier and his childhood friend, Amaranth leaves the life he’s known and descends into darkness in search of light. But is it truly his right to judge all of Auratessa?

After all, rebirth requires death.

Paragon is a dark fantasy thriller chronicling villain protagonists, parasitic romances, bloody battles, fire magic, and dangerous secrets. What does it mean to be just one person in a broken world filled with so many other souls?