06/19/2018, Self-Published | (08/26/2014, Severed Press)

Humankind will soon be extinct. A mysterious pandemic cut through two-thirds of the population in just four short years, and within another four, it will decimate everything – and everyone – left.


As the last days tick by, relentless and ruthless, the reclusive Mason Mild wants nothing more than to spend them living a simple existence with his girlfriend and overbearing older brother. When he witnesses a supposedly deceased classmate kill a man with a bite to the neck - a classmate who comes back for him - everything he has left is jeopardized. It seems the virus has some rather unexpected side effects.


With one death behind him, he finds himself torn between a peaceful end and a brutal immortality. Between his hopeless, but comfortable days with his family, and something new…something violent and wild. Have the fang marks above his heel dealt him an early demise or a second birth?

Night Plague is a post-apocalyptic vampire thriller searching for what hopes survives through horror.